The Rock Paper Scissors of Warmachine

Rock Paper Scissors is the most balanced game out there.  Each item has one other item it will beat, and another it will lose to.  However, that's not saying that there isn't skill in playing the game.  But despite which item you use, they are all equal in power.  Warmachine is similar.


First Impressions About Wrath

Having procured the new expansion for Warmachine, Wrath, I will try and give some ideas and first impressions about some of the Wrath models, as well as some (intentional or not) common trends about the new releases.


Wrath Spoilers!

I'm just going to make this a quick post.  For those of you who haven't seen/heard, a lot of good stuff has been spoiled for Wrath.  I'm not going to regurgitate it here, I'll just pass off the link to a good list of spoilers.


Tactics: Adeptis Rahn

Today I'll be doing a tactics review of the warcaster I took to Hardcore at Diecon.  Adeptis Rahn is a premier, FOC 8, spell focused warcaster for Retribution, who supports his army as well as being a strong spell caster.

Hardcore: A Review

Having just attended the wonderful Privateer Weekend at Diecon in St. Louis, I think it's a perfect time for me to talk about the Hardcore format.  Also, I'm glad to be back blogging after a long and unintentional hiatus!  Most of my Warmahordes time in the past little while was in preparation for Hardcore, and the rest is attributed to laziness.  Without further adieu, my first blog post in a month and a half!


4.20.11 - Ossyan, Thyra, Unbound, and new Theme Forces!

Yesterday and today brought some pretty exciting news for Warmachine.  The model for the new Protectorate warcaster, Thyra, Flame of Sorrow, was announced, as well as the model for Lord Arcanist Ossyan for the Retribution.  Privateer Insider announced a new large-scale rule set for Warmachine, called Unbound.  Finally, the cover for No Quarter #36 was announce on No Quarter's Facebook page.


4.18.11 - Lord Exhumator Scaverous and July Releases!

The model for Lord Exhumator Scaverous was announced!  Furthermore, our favorite Japanese supplier, malefic.jp, spoiled the July releases for Privateer Press.